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Air Freight – Cargo Aircraft Charter

Menkor Aviation organizes your air freight flights. Our experts have access to a large fleet of cargo planes worldwide and are trained in air logistics procedures. We dedicate an advisor to you who analyzes your needs and offers you the most suitable and economical cargo aircraft charter solution.


Our Services for your Air Freight

• Urgent Air Freight

Do you need to deliver cargo urgently? At Menkor Aviation, we are available 24/7 to meet your needs. No matter the place of delivery in the world and the type of freight, our team is entirely dedicated to satisfying all your needs.
Whether for mechanical parts of just-in-time production chains, pharmaceuticals goods, organs, mechanical parts or even goods to be delivered urgently, we offer cargo aircraft charter solutions adapted to the emergency.

• Heavy and Oversized Freight

The air transport of heavy and oversized freight requires precise expertise and rigorous organization. Our team is made up of experts for the transit of these particular goods. Trained in loading planning methods and international air freight regulations, we can provide solutions to all your needs.
We receive your requirements, identify the airports, the handling equipments needed and the aircraft suited to your cargo, and offer you the most economical solution. Menkor Aviation has access to a large fleet of cargo planes of all sizes, including planes that have loading ramps.

• Precious Freight and High-Value Goods

Menkor Aviation understands the importance of secure air transportation for valuable freight. Our team takes great care to ensure that transit takes place under the safest possible conditions. In particular by working closely with you and the entire chain of air freight.
Whether for art objects, diplomatic bags, confidential documents, precious metals, sports cars or any other very valuable freight, we support you in chartering a dedicated and secure aircraft that best meets your requirements.

• Hazardous Products and Classified Materials

The Menkor Aviation team is competent for the transport of dangerous and classified products. Our air experts are regularly trained on the regulations relating to this kind of goods. Whether for explosive materials, flammable liquids, toxic materials, radioactive materials or even infectious materials, we determine the charter solution that best suits your needs.

• Move and Relocation

Whether for a personal move or a corporate relocation, chartering a cargo plane brings a lot of advantages. You move all your grouped goods quickly and on a defined date. You don’t need to use long and complex supply chains. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your goods arrive quickly and safely.

• Oil, Gas and Mining Industries

The oil, gas and mining industries have specific and significant needs for air freight transportation. At Menkor Aviation, we are able to offer you solutions for all your needs. Whether for oversized cargoes, dangerous goods or even industrial mechanical parts, we provide you with the most suitable and economical aircraft.

• Pharmaceutical Industry

More than ever, the pharmaceutical industry is in need of urgent charter solutions for both precious and fragile goods. At Menkor Aviation, we are fully committed to ensuring that medical and paramedical equipments are transported by air in the best possible conditions.

• Any Need for Air Freight

At Menkor Aviation, we are ready to meet all of your air freight needs. Contact us anytime for more information on chartering a cargo aircraft.


Air Freight: What are the Benefits of Chartering a Cargo Aircraft ?

• Speed

Chartering a cargo aircraft for your freight is the option that guarantees the fastest delivery. Chartering an aircraft avoids the time constraints of big air freight airlines and maritime shipping companies. At Menkor Aviation, we bring you a cargo plane in just a few hours.

• Flexibility

With a cargo aircraft, you can have your freight delivered at the specific day, time and airport you want. While the big air freight airlines mainly serve large logistics platforms, we dedicate a plane to you that will deliver your goods as close as possible to the final destination.

• Global Coverage

At Menkor Aviation, we have a technology that allows us to locate all cargo aircraft worldwide in real time. We find the cargo aircraft that best suits your needs. Our team has already ensured the delivery of air freight to destinations such as the United Arab Emirates, Mauritius, China, Madagascar, Taiwan and even Reunion. No matter where you are, we have a solution for you.

• Safety

Chartering a cargo plane for your freight is also the assurance of delivering it safely. Our team takes care that all measures are taken to avoid theft, breakage and loss.

• Cost-effective

Chartering a cargo plane to transport your freight can be the most economical option. The cost of a turboprop-type cargo aircraft can be cheaper than a large air freight company. At Menkor Aviation, we are committed to finding you the most economical solution.

Choose Menkor Aviation for your Air Freight

Menkor Aviation is equipped with technology to locate all cargo aircraft worldwide in real time. We have access to a large fleet to meet each of your needs.

Our team of charter specialists is trained in air logistics procedures. We regularly take training courses to keep up to date with the evolution of international air freight regulations.

We have a unit available 24/7 to respond to all your requests. No matter where you are and what time it is, don’t hesitate to contact us.

At Menkor Aviation, we are committed to providing personalized support to each of our customers. We are committed to making your freight transportation as easy as possible, and to offering you the most economical and secure solution.

Contact us anytime for advice and a personalized quote.


Our Cargo Aircraft for Air Freight

Menkor Aviation has access to a large and diverse fleet of cargo aircraft and cargo helicopters around the world.
Here are some aircraft that we regularly charter for air freight. 

Airbus A330-200F Cargo au roulage

The A330-200F is a cargo aircraft from the Airbus aircraft manufacturer. Successor of the A300-600F, the A330-200F aims to be more modern, less greedy in terms of consumption and more efficient in terms of capacities. The A330-200F is perfect for large cargoes.

– Carrying capacity: 70 tons 
– Range: up to 7400 km
– Cabin length : 45 meters
– Cabin width : 5,25 meters
– Cabin height: 2,45 meters

Boeing B747-200F Cargo au décollage

The 747-200F is a cargo aircraft from the aircraft manufacturer Boeing. The 747-200F adapts to all types of cargo thanks to its large cargo doors. It is an ideal cargo aircraft for transporting large cargoes over long distances.

– Carrying capacity: 100 tons
– Range : up to 7100 km
– Cabin length : 48 meters
– Cabin width : 4,86 meters
– Cabin height : 3,04 meters

L'avion cargo Antonov An-124 au roulage

An 124
The Antonov An 124 is a cargo plane from the air manufacturer Antonov. It is one of the largest cargo planes in the world. It has a loading ramp at the front thanks to a lifting nose and a series of equipment for handling cargo.

– Carrying capacity : 120 tons
– Range : up to 4600 km
– Cabin length : 36,48 meters
– Cabin width : 6,4 meters
– Cabin height : 4,4 meters

Avion cargo ATR-72 à l'atterrissage

ATR 72
The ATR 72 cargo version is an aircraft of the aircraft manufacturer ATR. The ATR 72 is a more modern and more efficient version of the ATR 42. It has greater carrying capacity and more powerful engines. These characteristics make it an ideal aircraft for transporting freight on short-haul flights.

– Carrying capacity : 8,2 tons
– Range : up to 1200 km
– Cabin length : 17,95 meters
– Cabin width : 2,26 meters
– Cabin height : 1,75 meters

Beechcraft 1900D au roulage

King Air 1900
The Beech King Air 1900 cargo is a twin-engine turboprop from the aircraft manufacturer Beechcraft. Its performance makes it an ideal aircraft for fast transport of small quantities of freight on short-haul flights.

– Carrying capacity : 2,1 tons
– Range : up to 1600 km
– Cabin length : 7,7 meters
– Cabin width : 1,37 meters
– Cabin height : 1,8 meters

Pilatus PC-12 Cargo à l'atterrissage

The Pilatus PC-12 cargo version is a single-engine turboprop from the aircraft manufacturer Pilatus. Its large front cargo door of 1m35x1m32 allows to load large freight. The PC-12 is a very economical aircraft for regional air freight.

– Carrying capacity : 1 ton
– Range : up to 2800 km
– Cabin length : 4,54 meters
– Cabin width : 1,43 meters
– Cabin height : 1,46 meters

Hélicoptère Écureuil AS350 au sol

AS 350
The Ecureuil AS 350 helicopter is a single-engine helicopter from the manufacturer Airbus Hélicoptères. It can be adapted as a cargo version to transport goods urgently, over short and medium distances, and to places that are very difficult to access.

– Carrying capacity: 1 ton
– Range: up to 650 km
– Cabin capacity: 3m2 cabin

What is the Price to Charter a Cargo Aircraft ?

The cost of chartering a cargo plane for freight can go all in all. It depends on your needs and the costs necessary to meet them. There are a lot of factors that considerably influence the price of chartering a cargo aircraft: the type, size and weight of your cargo, the plane needed to transport it, and even the departure and arrival airports.

At Menkor Aviation, we are committed to finding you the most economical solution. Contact us for a personalized quote within two hours.