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Un Boeing B747 qui charge du fret aérien

Charter a Cargo Aircraft for Air Freight Transport

Menkor Aviation organizes your air freight transport flights. Our experts have access to a large fleet of cargo aircraft around the world and are trained in air freight procedures. We dedicate an advisor to you who analyzes your needs and proproses you the most economical cargo aircraft that best suits your needs.

Our Services for Air Freight

Priority Air Freight

Do you need to deliver cargo urgently? At Menkor Aviation, we are available 24/7 to meet your needs. No matter the place of delivery in the world and the type of goods, our team is completely dedicated to meeting all your requirements.

Whether it is for just-in-time production line parts, pharmaceuticals, mechanical parts, urgent goods and parcels or even organs, we offer you a solution for chartering a cargo aircraft adapted to the emergency.

Thanks to our international network, we urgently charter a cargo plane for your air freight.

Heavy and Oversized Freight

The air transport of heavy and oversized goods requires special expertise and rigorous organization. Our team is made up of experts for the transit of these particular cargoes. Trained in load planning methods and international air freight regulations, we can provide solutions to all your needs.

We receive your requirements, identify the airports, handling equipment and aircraft suitable for your cargo, and offer you the most economical solution.

Menkor Aviation has access to a large fleet of cargo planes of all sizes, including planes that have loading ramps. We can charter a cargo aircraft suitable for your heavy or oversized freight.

Valuable Freight and High-value Goods

Menkor Aviation knows the importance of secure air transport for valuable and high-value freight. Our team pays all possible attention to ensure that the transit takes place in the safest possible conditions. In particular by working closely with you and the entire air freight chain.

Whether it is for art objects, diplomatic bags, confidential documents, precious metals, sports cars or any very high value goods, we charter a dedicated and secure aircraft that best meets your requirements.

We have a large network of secure cargo aircraft suitable for transporting high value cargo.

Hazardous and Dangerous Freight 

The Menkor Aviation team is competent for the transport of dangerous and classified products. Our aviation experts are regularly trained on the regulations relating to this type of goods. Whether it is for explosives, flammable liquids, toxic, radioactive or even infectious materials, we determine the charter solution that best suits your needs.

Menkor Aviation has an extensive network of cargo aircraft certified to transport hazardous or classified air freight. These aircraft have all the necessary equipment to ensure that these products are shipped safely.

Moving of Individuals or Companies

Whether it’s for a home move or a business move, chartering a cargo aircraft has many benefits. You move all your belongings together, quickly and on a defined date. You don’t need to deal with long and complex supply chains. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your goods arrive quickly and safely. With Menkor Aviation, your move becomes a pleasant one.

We charter a cargo aircraft adapted to the size of your belongings. Everything is done to ensure that your goods are shipped safely and that they arrive at their destination in the same condition as when they left.

Oil, Gas and Mining Industries

The oil, gas and mining industries have specific and significant freight transport needs. At Menkor Aviation, we are able to offer you solutions for all your needs. Whether it is for oversized cargoes, hazardous products or even industrial mechanical parts, we provide you with the most suitable and economical aircraft.

Our team of air freight experts advise you and propose the best solution that meets your business needs.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry needs urgent charter solutions for both precious and fragile goods more than ever. At Menkor Aviation, we are entirely dedicated to ensuring that the air transit of your medical, paramedical equipment and your drugs or vaccines takes place under the best possible conditions.

We provide you with a cargo aircraft adapted to these delicate and essential goods. Menkor Aviation aircraft are available all over the world and ready to ship your medical equipment and drugs in the best conditions.

Any Air Freight Need

At Menkor Aviation, we stand ready to meet all of your air cargo transportation needs. Contact us anytime for more information on chartering a freight aircraft.

Types of Cargo Aircraft for Air Freight

Menkor Aviation has access to a large and diverse fleet of cargo aircraft around the world. All of these freighters are certified for air cargo.
Here are the categories of freight aircraft that we can charter for you:

Feeders :

Feeders are aircraft that carry freight over medium-haul distances. They can carry between 10 and 30 tonnes of merchandise. These planes are mainly used to supply cargo hubs or to transport freight to its final destination, often to small regional airports.

ATR 72

– Payload : 8,2 tons
– Range : Up to 1200 km
– Hold length : 17,95 meters
– Hold width : 2,26 meters
– Hold height : 1,75 meters

The ATR 72 cargo version is an aircraft of the French-Italian aircraft manufacturer ATR. The ATR 72 is a more modern and more efficient version of the ATR 42. It has more cargo capacity and more powerful engines. These characteristics make it an ideal aircraft for transporting short-haul freight.

Beechcraft 1900D en vol

Beechcraft King Air 1900

– Payload : 2,1 tons
– Range : Up to 1600 km
– Hold length : 7,7 meters
– Hold width : 1,37 meters
– Hold height : 1,8 meters

The Beech King Air 1900 cargo is a twin-engine turboprop of the American aircraft manufacturer Beechcraft. Its performance makes it ideal for the rapid transport of small amounts of freight on short haul flights.

Louer un Pilatus PC12

Pilatus PC-12

– Payload : 1 ton
– Range : Up to 2800 km
– Hold length : 4,54 meters
– Hold width : 1,43 meters
– Hold height : 1,46 meters

Le Pilatus PC-12 version cargo est un turbopropulseur monomoteur du constructeur aérien Pilatus. Sa grande porte cargo frontale de 1m35x1m32 lui permet de charger des marchandises de grande taille. Le PC-12 version cargo est un avion très économique pour le transport de fret aérien régional.

Regional Freighters :

Regional freighters are aircraft that can transport between 25 and 65 tons of freight over medium-haul distances. They are mainly airliners converted into freighters. Their role is essentially to carry goods between large-scale cargo hubs.

Le Boeing 757-200F dédié au transport de fret aérien

Boeing 757-200F

– Payload : 36 tons
– Range : Up to 5100 km
– Hold length : 33,27 meters
– Hold width: 3,53 meters
– Hold height : 2,13 meters

The Boeing B757-200F is a twin-jet medium-range cargo aircraft. The hold is specially designed for the transport of air freight. It is equipped with a lighting system and a floor with ball bearings to simplify the loading of goods.

L'Airbus A300 600F dédié au fret aérien

Airbus A300-600F

– Payload : 47 tons
– Range : Up to 3945 km
– Hold length : 40,70 meters
– Hold width : 5,28 meters
– Hold height : 2,45 meters

The Airbus A300-600F is a medium-haul cargo aircraft whose main advantage lies in its wide body. The A300-600F’s hold is optimized for the transport of freight pallets and enables fast loading and unloading.

Le Boeing 737-400F dédié au transport de fret aérien

Boeing B737-400F

– Payload : 21 tons
– Range : Up to 3850 km
– Hold length : 24,40 meters
– Hold width : 3,19 meters
– Hold height : 2,14 meters

The Boeing B737-400F is a medium-haul cargo aircraft. As an upgraded version of the -300, it has a longer fuselage and more powerful engines. These capabilities make the B737-400F an ideal cargo aircraft for transporting air freight on medium-haul flights.

Long Range Freighters :

Long-range freighters are aircraft that can transport between 50 and 70 tonnes of freight over long distances. Wider than regional freighters, these planes are often old, twin-aisle airliners converted for air freight.

Airbus A330-200F Cargo au roulage

Airbus A330-200F

– Payload : 70 tons
– Range : Up to 7400 km
– Hold length : 45 meters
– Hold width : 5,25 meters
– Hold height : 2,45 meters

The A330-200F is a freighter of the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. As a successor of the A300-600F, the A330-200F aims to be more modern, less greedy in terms of fuel consumption and more efficient in terms of payload. The A330-200F is perfect for large freight.

Le DC-10F dédié au transport de marchandises

McDonnell Douglas DC-10F

– Payload : 65 tons
– Range : Up to 6500 km
– Hold length : 37,25 meters
– Hold width : 5,58 meters
– Hold height : 2,34 meters

The Airbus A300-600F is a medium-haul cargo aircraft whose main advantage lies in its wide body. The hold of the A300-600F is optimized for transporting freight pallets and allows for quick loading and unloading.

Le L1011 Tristar qui sert à expédier du fret aérien

Lockheed L1011 Tristar

– Payload : 55 tons
– Range : Up to 9900 km
– Hold length : 33,00 meters
– Hold width : 4,85 meters
– Hold height : 2,74 meters

The L1011 Tristar is a long-haul freighter that has three turbojets. This aircraft has the particularity of having two holds dedicated to freight transport. The L1011 is ideal for shipping pallets and containers over long distances.

Large Freighters :

Large freighters are long-haul aircraft that can carry between 70 and 140 tons of air freight. They are ideal for transporting heavy or oversized goods over long distances.

Le Boeing 747-200F dédié au transport de colis

Boeing B747-200F

– Payload : 100 tons
– Range : Up to 7100 km
– Hold length : 48 meters
– Hold width : 4,86 meters
– Hold height : 3,04 meters

The 747-200F is a freighter of the aircraft manufacturer Boeing. The 747-200F adapts to all types of freight thanks to its large cargo doors. It is an ideal cargo plane for transporting large air freight over long distances.

Le Boeing 747-800F qui permet l'envoi de marchandises

Boeing B747-8F

– Payload : 140 tons
– Range : Up to 8200 km
– Hold length : 54,30 meters
– Hold width : 4,86 meters
– Hold height : 3,04 meters

The B748 is the latest model in Boeing’s 747 series. This freighter is equipped with four turbojets and has an extended range. The B748 is a modern aircraft with many technological advancements that is ideal for long-haul air freight transportation.

Le MD11 pour le transport de fret aérien

Boeing MD-11F

– Payload : 85 tons
– Range : Up to 6120 km
– Hold length : 44 meters
– Hold width : 4,88 meters
– Hold height : 2,44 meters

The MD-11F is a long-range cargo aircraft. Its three turbojets are suitable for long flights and make it very safe. The MD-11F is an aircraft highly regarded by air freight companies.

Specific Freighters:

Some freighters are very specific aircraft designed for the transport of very heavy or oversized freight.

L'Antonov AN-124 pour le transport de fret international

Antonov An 124

– Payload : 120 tons
– Range : Up to 4600 km
– Hold length : 36,48 meters
– Hold width : 6,4 meters
– Hold height : 4,4 meters

The Antonov An 124 is a cargo aircraft of the Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer Antonov. It is one of the largest freighters in the world. It has a front loading ramp with a hinged nose and a series of cargo handling equipment.

L'Airbus Beluga permet le service de transport de fret aérien

Airbus A300-600T Beluga

– Payload : 47 tons
– Range : Up to 2800 km
– Hold length : 37,70 meters
– Hold width : 3,7 meters
– Hold height : 3,6 meters

The Airbus Beluga is a medium-haul cargo aircraft which entered into service in 1995. The Beluga was specially designed for the transport of parts of Airbus aircraft between the various factories scattered around Europe.

L'antonov AN-225 pour l'expédition de marchandises à l'international

Antonov AN-225

– Payload : 250 tons
– Range : Up to 4500 km
– Hold length : 45,35 meters
– Hold width : 6,40 meters
– Hold height : 4,40 meters

The AN-225 is the world’s largest aircraft. Thanks to six turboreactors, it can carry up to 250 tons of air freight over short and medium-haul distances. This aircraft is perfect for transporting very heavy or bulky freight. 

Ulitility Helicopters:

Helicopters are also used for air freight forwarding. They land on all surfaces and do not need airport facilities for loading and unloading freight. A cargo helicopter is a secure way to get packages to their destinations quickly.

L'hélicoptère AS350 pour le transport de colis au niveau mondial

Eurocopter AS-350 Écureuil

– Payload : 1 ton
– Range : Up to 650 km
– Hold volume : 3m2

The Écureuil AS 350 helicopter is a single-engine helicopter designed by the manufacturer Airbus Helicopters. It can served as a freighter to transport goods urgently, over small and medium distances, and to places that are very difficult to access.

L'hélicoptère Super Puma pour le transport de fret aérien international

Eurocopter AS-332 Super Puma

– Payload : 4,5 tons
– Range : Up to 460 km
– Hold volume : 14m3

The AS-332 super puma helicopter is an Airbus helicopter. Very reliable, this helicopter is ideal for shipping goods over short distances. Its particularly large hold makes it possible to load pallets or small containers.

Le Bell 206 pour l'expédition de colis

Bell 206L-4 Longranger

– Payload : 1 ton
– Range : Up to 410 km
– Hold volume : 2m3

The Bell206L-4 Longranger is a multi-purpose single-turbine helicopter built by Bell Helicopter Textron. Released in 1992, this helicopter is ideal for the rapid transport of parcels or small goods to isolated destinations.

What are the Stages of Chartering a Cargo Aircraft?

numéro 1 Determining the Need

Regardless of the type and the volume of your freight, the purpose of your shipping and the worldwide itinerary, Menkor Aviation can charter a cargo aircraft that suit your needs.

Determining the type of aircraft requires special expertise. Our team of advisers is experienced in the transport of air freight. It determines for you the type of aircraft that is best suited for transporting your freight.

Thanks to unique technology, we can locate in real time all over the world all freighters available for hire. You choose among several solutions the one that satisfies you the most.

If your freight is not large enough to charter a full cargo aircraft, our team can offer you a partial aircraft charter solution based on availability.

numéro 2 Chartering the Aircraft

Once you have chosen your solution, Menkor Aviation takes care of chartering the aircraft and handling all the documents.

Our teams are available to meet your needs. No matter where you are or what time it is, we can dispatch a cargo aircraft in less than 2 hours.

numéro 3 Freight Packaging and Handling 

Packaging takes place before flight and handling. It can be done by the sender himself, at a freight center or by the operator of the cargo plane just before the loading.
Modern packaging techniques make it possible to follow the curvatures of cargo aircraft holdings. It best protects goods and optimizes space occupancy. These palletizing and containerization techniques require special skills to ensure safe air transport and reduce the cost of shipping.

Once packaged, the ULDs (Unit Load Device), containers or pallets, are handled for loading into the cargo aircraft. The ULD is towed from the warehouse to the aircraft hold using specific trailers. The freight is then loaded into the aircraft using horizontal rolling platforms (loaders). All this handling is carried o ut by handling agents. Freight transport companies often subcontract airport handling to specialized companies.

In the case of bulk cargo, this is handling outside ULD. Small packages or goods are loaded into the cargo hold of the cargo plane using slanting ramps. They are then carefully tied with nets.

 The Flight

The flight can begin as soon as the air cargo is loaded into the device.

The pilots of the cargo planes of the Menkor Aviation network are all qualified pilots. With a first experience of at least 500 hours in a passenger airline, they are experienced and know the specifics of piloting. Our pilots are also trained in air freight transport and in particular follow in-depth and regular training in the transport of hazardous materials.

Our team closely monitores the flight and makes sure it goes smoothly.

Une palette de fret aérien dans la soute cargo

Containers and Pallets for Air Freight

The majority of air freight in Europe is done with containers and pallets. They obey very precise regulations and are identified by codes of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The different Containers:

The containers are made from aluminum alloys. These materials provide both strength to protect goods from impact and lightness to facilitate their transport.

These goods transport boxes come in all sizes: the smallest are around 1.5 meters long, they are often positioned in the cargo holds of light cargo aircraft, the largest are up to 16 meters long, and are carried on the largest freighters.

Each container is designed to carry a certain type of freight. They can be insulated, refrigerant, stabilizing or even secure.


AKC contoured container
Size: 220 x 140 x 155 cm
Payload: 1418 kg


ALP rectangular container
Size: 317 x 153 x 162 cm
Payload: 2991 kg


DPE contoured container
Size: 153 x 156 x 162 cm
Payload: 1133 kg


AKE contoured container
Size: 156 x 153 x 162 cm
Payload: 1506 kg


ALP rectangular container
Size: 243 x 153 x 162 cm
Payload: 2330 kg


ALF contoured container
Size: 317 x 153 x 162 cm
Payload: 2945 kg


Size: 243 x 153 x 162 cm
Payload: 2323 kg


AAP enclosed pallet P1P base
Size: 317 x 223 x 162 cm
Payload: 5730 kg

The different Pallets:

Air freight pallets are platforms made of aluminum alloys. They are not made of wood like those dedicated to road transport. Aluminium alloys are materials that are much safer for air cargo transportation. 

The freight is stored on the pallet and then wrapped using plastic wrap or mesh. The most popular pallets for shipping air freight are the so-called “10ft”, “20ft” and “30ft” pallets.


P1P flat pallet with net
Size: 317 x 223 x 162 cm
Payload: 4521 kg


PGA 20-ft flat pallet with net
Size: 605 x 243 x 243 cm
Payload: 10,840 kg

PLA Half Pallet

PLA half pallet with net
Size: 317 x 153 x 162 cm
Payload: 3084 kg

PMC/P6P Pallet

P6P 10-ft flat pallet with net
Size: 317 x 243 x 299 cm
Payload: 5000 kg

Bulk Freight

Bulk refers to goods which are not packed or secured. In the field of air freight, bulk refers mainly to bulky cargoes of boxes or packages.

These goods are stored in the cargo hold thanks to nets attached to both the walls and the ground.

Chargement de fret aérien dans un ATR

Shipping Dangerous Goods by Air

Menkor Aviation teams are regularly trained in the regulations and procedures for the transport of hazardous materials by air. We charter an adapted and compliant cargo plane for the transport of these particular goods.

Shipping dangerous goods by air is a huge part of the air cargo industry. Because of their physical or chemical properties, these products pose a threat to the health and safety of humans and animals, but also to the environment, infrastructure and means of transport. Each hazardous material must be the subject of care, handling and special procedures dictated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods (TDG).

Dangerous goods can be pure chemicals, mixtures of substances or manufactured products. The UN divides these subjects into 9 classes.

• Class 1 : Explosives

Explosives have molecules that can quickly change state, producing a sudden and violent physical effect. They are classified into several subdivisions: mass explosion hazard, projection hazard only, fire hazard, minimal hazard, blasting agents and very insensitive detonating items.
They require special precautions for their air transport.

• Class 2 : Gases

The gases are generally pressurized in order to reduce their volume for their transport by air. The United Nations divides them into three categories: flammable gases, non-flammable and toxic and non-toxic gases. Air transport of gas requires suitable containers and cargo aircraft.

• Class 3 : Flammable Liquids

Flammable liquids can be natural like petroleum (gasoline, kerosene) or industrially made like alcohols. The UN subdivides flammable liquids into three categories based on their flash point.

• Class 4 : Flammable Solids

This class is divided into three sub-divisions: flammable solids (example: wet trinitrotoluene or TNT), materials with a risk of spontaneous ignition (example: pyrophoric materials) and materials which react dangerously with humidity or the water.

• Class 5 : Oxydizing Substances

This class is divided into two sub-divisions which both pose a risk of fire or explosion: oxidizing agents and organic peroxides.

• Class 6 : Toxic and Infectious Substances

This class is divided into two sub-divisions: Toxic substances which cause a health hazard by inhalation, ingestion or skin absorption. And infectious substances which present the risk of causing serious disease in humans or animals.

• Class 7 : Radioactive Materials

Radioactive materials are materials which contain unstable atoms which change their structure spontaneously in a random manner and which pose significant risks to human health.

• Class 8 : Corrosives

Corrosives are highly reactive materials that cause chemical changes in the materials with which they are in contact. These materials can be very dangerous for humans health.

• Class 9 : Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

These goods present a risk during air transport that is not listed in all other classes.

Les matières dangereuses dans le transport de fret aérien

Dangerous goods shipments require specialized skills and in-depth knowledge of the law. Trust our experts for the fast, secure and economical transport of your hazardous products by chartering a suitable and compliant cargo aircraft.

What are the Advantages of Chartering a Cargo Aircraft for Air Freight?

• Fastness

Chartering a cargo aircraft for your freight is the option that guarantees the fastest delivery. A dedicated aircraft allows you to avoids the time constraints of freight airlines and shipping lines. At Menkor Aviation, we dispatch a cargo aircraft in just a few hours.

• Flexibility

With a freighter, you can have your goods delivered on the date, time and to the airport you wish. While cargo airlines only serve large logistics platforms, we dedicate a plane to deliver your freight as close as possible to its final destination. We even have the possibility to charter a helicopter for the last kilometers.

• Global Coverage

At Menkor Aviation, we have a unique technology that allows us to locate all cargo aircraft in the world in real time. We find the plane that best suits your freight. Our team has already provided air freight delivery to destinations such as the United Arab Emirates, Mauritius, China, Madagascar, Taiwan and Reunion. No matter where you are, we find a solution for you.

• Safety

Chartering a cargo plane for air freight also ensures that your goods are delivered safely. Our team is careful to ensure that all measures are taken to avoid theft, damage and loss of your freight. Your air freight is carried more safely.

• Money Saving

The most economical option for shipping air freight is often to charter a cargo aircraft. The cost of a turboprop type aircraft can sometimes be much cheaper than using a large cargo airline. At Menkor Aviation, we are aware of the cost of a cargo aircraft and we are committed to providing you with the most economical solutions.

Un Boeing 737 dédié au convoyage de marchandises par voie aérienne

What is the Price of Charter a Cargo Aircraft for Air Freight?

The cost of chartering a cargo plane can go up to all. It depends on your needs and the solutions needed to meet them.

Many factors influence the price of air freight: the type, size and weight of your freight, the aircraft needed to transport it, the departure and arrival airports, or the countries to fly over.

In addition, the closer the cargo aircraft is to your freight departure airport, the more economical the air freight rate will be. 

At Menkor Aviation, we are committed to finding you the most economical solution. Our goal is to minimize additional costs while providing the most suitable aircraft for each air freight mission.

Choose Menkor Aviation for your Air Freight

Menkor Aviation is equipped with technology that can locate all cargo aircraft around the world. We have access to a large fleet of aircraft to meet your needs.

Our team of charter specialists are trained in air freight procedures. We regularly attend training courses to keep abreast of developments in international air freight transportation regulations.

At Menkor Aviation, we are committed to providing personalized support to each of our customers. We will make your freight transport as easy as possible, and offer you the most economical and secure solution.

Contact us anytime for advice and a personalized quote. Our team is available 24/7 to give advices.