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Louer un avion taxi

Air Taxi Rental


Menkor Aviation is a business aircraft charter specialist. Our team is available 24/7 to help you hire an air taxi in Europe or abroad. Whether it’s for a business trip, an urgent flight or a flight to a a destination not served by airlines, our team charters an air taxi and accompanies you throughout the flight preparation.


Air Taxi: What is it?

An air taxi is a small aircraft which makes flights on demand, primarily for regional business trips on the same day. Air taxi is a solution halfway between the private jet and the airliner.

An air taxi is a turboprop or light private jet. It can land and take off on very small runways, especially unpaved runways like grass or sand. It provides access to more than 1,600 airports in Europe and brings passengers as close as possible to their final destination.

An air taxi saves precious time by avoiding major airports. The crew is entirely at the disposal of the passengers, they wait for the passengers between each flight. It is also a very economical solution thanks to the low consumption of light aircraft. These are significant benefits for business travelers.


Air Taxis Meet Many Needs 

The air taxi is an optimal solution for certain flights:
• A round-trip or stopover business flight in a small group,,
• A flight to an isolated destination that is not served by airlines,
• An urgent short or medium-haul flight,
• A flight between two cities poorly or not served by trains and airlines,
• A flight to an airport with a short runway,
• A transfer flight for athletes or artists,
• Any small group flight over short to medium distances with the comfort and speed of an air taxi.


Our Air Taxi Aircraft Available to Charter:

Menkor Aviation has a large network of charterable aircraft around the world. We can charter an air taxi quickly wherever you are.
Discover some air taxi we regularly charter for our customers.

Louer un Cirrus SR 22

Cirrus SR22

Seats: 3
Range: 1600 km | 863 nm

The Cirrus SR22 is a fast and secure aircraft that allows passengers to travel in the best conditions.

Louer un Pilatus PC12

Pilatus PC-12

Seats: 6 to 9
Range: 2800 km | 1510 nm

The Pilatus PC-12 is a very reliable and versatile single-engine turboprop. It can land and take off on very short runways.

Louer Beech king Air 200

Beech BE200 King Air

Seats: 8 to 9
Range: 2770 km | 1490 nm

The Beech BE200 King Air is a turboprop popular with passengers. It is an ideal air taxi for group business trips.

Location Cirrus SF50 Vision

Cirrus Vision SF50

Seats: 6
Range: 2200 km | 1180 nm

The Cirrus Vision SF50 is a very modern and very comfortable light jet. It is a perfect air taxi for regional flights.

Louer Phenom 100

Embraer Phenom 100

Seats: 4
Range: 1704 km | 920 nm

The Embraer Phenom 100 is a light private jet that allows very fast travel to any type of airport.

Location Socata TBM 900

TBM 900

Seats: 5
Range: 1495 km

The Daher-Socata TBM 900 is a very economical turboprop engine that is perfect for mountain flights.

How Much does it Cost to Hire an Air Taxi ?

At Menkor Aviation, we are committed to offering you the best prices to our customers.

The price of renting an airplane taxi varies depending on the type of aircraft and the flight. Turboprop type planes are very economical for short-haul flights while light jets are very economical for medium-haul flights. The price is the same whether you are traveling alone or in a group, you hire an air taxi which is entirely dedicated to you.

Check out some price estimates:

Choose Menkor Aviation for your Air Taxi 

→ Personalization : Personalization is one of the words of our team. We are committed to providing personalized, high-end service to each of our customers. We take care of your comfort before, during and after the flight. 

→ 24/7 Availability : Menkor Aviation is available 24/7 to meet all of your needs, no matter where you are in the world. 

→ Large Aircraft Fleet : We have a unique technological tool that allows us to instantly locate every air taxi available for charter around the world. Whethr it’s for turboprop or small jets, we can meet your needs no matter where you are. 

→ Cost-Effective : At Menkor Aviation, we are commited to providing you with the most economical situations.  

→ Experience: Menkor Aviation has extensive experience in business aircraft charter. The team is made up of experienced advisers able to answer all your requests.