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COVID-19 Vaccine: Global Air Cargo Transport

Menkor Aviation offers specific solutions for the air transport of COVID-19 vaccines.

We have joined forces with our partners and mobilized resources in order to meet the requirements necessary for the international shipments of vaccines and pharmaceutical products in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. We ensure a safe and effective worldwide delivery of the vaccine.

Charter a Cargo Aircraft for COVID-19 Vaccine Air Distribution

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has issued an alert as early as September 2020, saying that the time has come for aviation stakeholders to cooperate and prepare for transporting COVID-19 vaccines through worldwide air cargo flights.

The distribution of these vaccines around the world is often described as the mission of the century for the global air cargo industry. The market participants have now been preparing for this difficult mission for months.

Since the start of the epidemic, airlines have used some of their airliners to perform air cargo flights. However, these planes are not suitable for transporting COVID-19 vaccines. Certain demanding standards and conditions must be met for shipping pharmaceutical products.

Because of its nature, a vaccine must be transported quickly and efficiently to where it is needed. Chartering a dedicated and compliant cargo aircraft offers this advantage.

Menkor Aviation declares its complete support for all COVID-19 vaccine air cargo flights, providing cargo aircraft charter and much more. Our international network is made up of cargo aircraft of all sizes, suitable for transporting vaccines and drugs with air-conditioned hold.

Le Boeing B747 Cargo pour le transport aérien des vaccins COVID-19

Temperature-controlled Shipping

Some vaccines and drugs are temperature sensitive, they require temperature-controlled transport. The purpose of a vaccine cold chain is to maintain the potency of the vaccine from the point of manufacture to the point of use. That is, ensuring that the vaccines are transported and stored at the the recommended temperatures range.

Most vaccines need a temperature range between 2° and 8°, others need freezing temperatures. Consequently, each cargo aircraft dedicated to transporting vaccines must be compliant and suitable. The presence of an air-conditioned cargo hold and refrigerated containers specially designed to maintain the cold chain during the flight are essential.

Never breaking the cold chain for vaccines and drugs, this is the constraint we have made as a top priority for air transport of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Menkor Aviation offers you cargo aircraft and containers that provide a temperature-controlled environment. We guarantee the freshness and stability of your pharmaceutical products throughout the duration of air transport.

Vaccines between 2° and 8°

Most vaccines should be transported at a temperature between 2° and 8°. They require passive cooling for transport, such as specific packaging to maintain the temperature and an air-conditioned cargo hold.

Menkor Aviation dispatch cargo aircraft with air-conditioned hold. The crew make sure throughout the flight to maintain the temperature of the hold between 2°-8°.

Our operational teams monitor the transport in order to optimize transit, processing and packaging procedures. You are assured that the cold chain will not be broken.

Frozen Vaccines

Some vaccines and medicines must be kept frozen during air transport. In this case, it is necessary to use containers with dry ice and active temperature control.

The temperature and dry ice level are monitored throughout the transit. The aircraft crew monitors the temperature-controlled containers with indicators.

Our operational teams monitor the transport in order to optimize transit, processing and packaging procedures. Every effort is made to ensure that the vaccines remain frozen during shipping.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) regularly reminds us that labeling your goods as temperature sensitive does not always guarantee temperature-controlled transport.

The quality of the shipment depends on the service booked. By chartering a cargo aircraft with Menkor Aviation, you can be sure that your COVID-19 vaccine freight will be loaded, transported, unloaded and stored according to your requirements.

La distribution internationale des vaccins COVID-19

Light-sensitive Vaccines

Vaccines are often sensitive to light, they lose their potency and effectiveness if they are exposed to it. It is therefore essential to protect them from sunlight, ultraviolet or fluorescent light at all times .

Although vaccines are provided in dark glass vials to protect them from damage by light, it is important to keep them in protective overpacks during the transport. At Menkor Aviation, we take care to protect your COVID-19 vaccines against all forms of light exposure.

Fast Delivery

COVID-19 vaccines must be delivered quickly to maintain their potency and effectiveness. Organizing a vaccine air transport is not easy as the air freight demand exceeds the capacity of many international airports.

Our many years of experience and our extensive network allow us to obtain overflight permits and time slots for you very quickly. With Menkor Aviation, you can ship your COVID-19 vaccines by cargo aircraft in less than 2 hours.

Une palette de fret aérien dans la soute cargo

COVID-19 Vaccines Safe Air Transport

In addition to ensuring that vaccines are handled with care and transported at controlled temperatures, the safety of shipments must be very high.

COVID-19 vaccines bring hope to the world, they are very valuable pharmaceutical products. They can therefore be the target of tampering or theft. It is the responsibility of the air cargo industry to protect vaccines from any threat.

At Menkor Aviation, we have implemented measures to ensure that your shipments of COVID-19 vaccines remain safe from tampering or theft. We dispatch secure planes and reliable crews for the expedition. We also dedicate a team to ensure vaccine safety throughout the transfer.

The demand for air freight will exceed the capacities of global airports once COVID-19 vaccines are approved. Chartering a cargo aircraft dedicated solely to transporting vaccines is the safest solution.

Global Shipments of COVID-19 Vaccine

No matter your vaccine shipment departure or destination, our network is international and we can dispatch a cargo aircraft wherever you are. Our extensive experience in chartering cargo aircraft gives us in-depth knowledge of each local particularity for the transit of medical goods.

Our advisers work with you to determine the most suitable departure and destination airports. Airports can be classified according to their characteristics:
• A : Airports for long-haul transport (flights over 3000 km)
• B : Airports for medium-haul transport (flights between 1000 and 3000 km)
• C : Airports for short-haul transport (flights less than 1000 km)

Menkor Aviation provides you with a cargo aircraft that is both compliant for the transport of vaccines and suitable for the departure and destination airports.

Carte mondiale des destinations pour les expéditions aériennes des vaccins COVID-19

Cargo Aircraft for COVID-19 Vaccine Worldwide Distribution

Menkor Aviation has access to a large and varied fleet of cargo aircraft around the world. All of these aircraft are suitable for transporting pharmaceutical products such as vaccines and drugs 
Here are the categories of cargo aircraft available to charter for vaccine distribution around the world:

Feeders :

Feeders are cargo aircraft that carry air freight over medium-haul distances. They can carry between 10 and 30 tonnes of freight. These planes can be used to transport vaccines to their final destination, especially small airports.

ATR 72

– Payload : 8,2 tons
– Range : Up to 1200 km
– Hold length : 17,95 meters
– Hold width : 2,26 meters
– Hold height : 1,75 meters

Beechcraft 1900D en vol

Beechcraft King Air 1900

– Payload : 2,1 tons
– Range : Up to 1600 km
– Hold length : 7,7 meters
– Hold width : 1,37 meters
– Hold height : 1,8 meters

Louer un Pilatus PC12

Pilatus PC-12

– Payload : 1 ton
– Range : Up to 2800 km
– Hold length : 4,54 meters
– Hold width : 1,43 meters
– Hold height : 1,46 meters

Regional Freighters :

Regional freighters are cargo aircraft that can carry between 25 and 65 tons of freight over medium-haul distances. They are mainly airliners converted into cargo aircraft. They can transport pharmaceuticals products between large cargo hubs.

Le Boeing 757-200F dédié au transport de fret aérien

Boeing 757-200F

– Payload : 36 tons
– Range : Up to 5100 km
– Hold length : 33,27 meters
– Hold width : 3,53 meters
– Hold height : 2,13 meters

L'Airbus A300 600F dédié au fret aérien

Airbus A300-600F

– Payload : 47 tons
– Range : Up to 3945 km
– Hold length : 40,70 meters
– Hold width : 5,28 meters
– Hold height : 2,45 meters

Le Boeing 737-400F dédié au transport de fret aérien

Boeing B737-400F

– Payload : 21 tons
– Range : Up to 3850 km
– Hold length : 24,40 meters
– Hold width : 3,19 meters
– Hold height : 2,14 meters

Long Range Freighters :

Long range freighters are cargo aircraft that can transport between 50 and 70 tons of freight over long distances. Wider than regional freighters, these planes are often old double-aisle airliners converted for air cargo transport. They can be used to deliver COVID-19 vaccines over very long distances.

Airbus A330-200F Cargo au roulage

Airbus A330-200F

– Payload : 70 tons
– Range : Up to 7400 km
– Hold length : 45 meters
– Hold width : 5,25 meters
– Hold height : 2,45 meters

Le DC-10F dédié au transport de marchandises

McDonnell Douglas DC-10F

– Payload : 65 tons
– Range : Up to 6500 km
– Hold length : 37,25 meters
– Hold width : 5,58 meters
– Hold height : 2,34 meters

Le L1011 Tristar qui sert à expédier du fret aérien

Lockheed L1011 Tristar

– Payload : 55 tons
– Range : Up to 9900 km
– Hold length : 33,00 meters
– Hold width : 4,85 meters
– Hold height : 2,74 meters

Large Freighters :

Large freighters are long-haul cargo aircraft that can carry between 70 and 140 tons of freight. They are ideal for transporting very large shipments of pharmaceuticals. In particular, they can transport COVID-19 vaccines from one continent to another.

Le Boeing 747-200F dédié au transport de colis

Boeing B747-200F

– Payload : 100 tons
– Range : Up to 7100 km
– Hold length : 48 meters
– Hold width : 4,86 meters
– Hold height : 3,04 meters

Le Boeing 747-800F qui permet l'envoi de marchandises

Boeing B747-8F

– Payload : 140 tons
– Range : Up to 8200 km
– Hold length : 54,30 meters
– Hold width : 4,86 meters
– Hold height : 3,04 meters

Le MD11 pour le transport de fret aérien

Boeing MD-11F

– Payload : 85 tons
– Range : Up to 6120 km
– Hold length : 44 meters
– Hold width : 4,88 meters
– Hold height : 2,44 meters

Utility Helicopters :

Helicopters are also used for air freight. They land on all surfaces and do not need airport facilities for loading and unloading goods. A cargo helicopter is a safe and fast way to get vaccines to their final destination.

L'hélicoptère AS350 pour le transport de colis au niveau mondial

Eurocopter AS-350 Écureuil

– Payload : 1 ton
– Range : Up to 650 km
– Hold volume : 3m2

L'hélicoptère Super Puma pour le transport de fret aérien international

Eurocopter AS-332 Super Puma

– Payload : 4,5 tons
– Range : Up to 460 km
– Hold volume : 14m3

Le Bell 206 pour l'expédition de colis

Bell 206L-4 Longranger

– Payload: 1 ton
– Range : Up to 410 km
– Hold volume : 2m3

Why Choose Menkor Aviation ?

→ Personalized service : Personalized support is one of the key words of our team. Whatever your need, we are committed to providing you with personalized service.

→ 24/7 Availability: Menkor Aviation is available 24/7 to meet all of your pharmaceutical air transportation needs.

→ Global Coverage: Our teams are located in France and Dubai. Our extensive experience in chartering cargo aircraft internationally allows us to offer you the best solutions, no matter where you are.

→ Diverse Aircraft Fleet : We have unique technology that allows us to instantly geolocate all cargo aircraft available for charter around the world. We will find you the most suitable and compliant aircraft for your vaccine shipping.

→ Economical Solution : We know that chartering a cargo aircraft for air freight is onerous for businesses. This is why at Menkor Aviation we are committed to providing you with the most economical solution. We enter into negotiations with the operators in order to offer you the best prices.