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Pioneering Air Ambulance Services for a Decade


In the realm of life-saving medical services, Menkor Aviation stands as a beacon of excellence, providing specialized air ambulance services for the past decade. With an unwavering commitment to patient care, state-of-the-art technology, and a decade of expertise, Menkor Aviation has solidified its position as a leader in the air ambulance industry. In this article, we delve into Menkor Aviation’s remarkable journey, its cutting-edge services, and how it continues to make a profound impact on medical evacuation.


A Decade of Excellence in Air Ambulance Services:

For ten years, Menkor Aviation has been at the forefront of air ambulance operations, transforming the way medical evacuation is carried out. Founded on a strong foundation of medical expertise and aviation proficiency, the company has evolved to provide a seamless integration of both fields. This unique combination has allowed Menkor Aviation to deliver unparalleled air ambulance services that prioritize patient safety, comfort, and timely medical attention.

Unveiling Menkor Aviation’s Specialized Air Ambulance Services

Menkor Aviation’s decade-long journey has been marked by a range of specialized air ambulance services that cater to diverse medical needs. From critical care transfers to organ transportation, neonatal transfers to disaster response, Menkor Aviation’s fleet of advanced medical aircraft is equipped to handle even the most complex medical scenarios. Their skilled medical teams, consisting of experienced physicians, nurses, and paramedics, are trained to provide immediate medical interventions during transit..

Cutting-Edge Technology and Medical Expertise

At the heart of Menkor Aviation’s success lies its unwavering dedication to investing in cutting-edge technology and medical expertise. Each aircraft is outfitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment, enabling real-time monitoring, life support, and advanced medical procedures en route. This commitment to technological advancement ensures that patients receive the same level of care during air transportation as they would in a hospital setting.

The Impact on Medical Evacuation

Over the past decade, Menkor Aviation has played a pivotal role in redefining medical evacuation standards. By reducing response times, optimizing patient care, and bridging geographical gaps, the company has not only saved lives but also revolutionized the efficiency of critical medical transportation. This impact extends beyond individual cases, contributing to a broader enhancement of global healthcare systems.

Menkor Aviation’s Commitment to Safety and Quality 

One of the cornerstones of Menkor Aviation’s reputation is its unwavering commitment to safety and quality. The company adheres to rigorous international standards, ensuring that each flight is executed with the highest level of precision and care. Regular maintenance, ongoing training, and stringent safety protocols are all part of the Menkor Aviation ethos, reassuring patients and their families that they are in capable hands

Elevating Air Ambulance Services in the Maghreb Region

Menkor Aviation’s impact extends significantly to the Maghreb region, encompassing Algeria, Libya, Egypt, and Morocco. By offering dedicated medevac services to and from these countries, Menkor Aviation is bridging geographical gaps and significantly reducing response times for critical medical transportation. This strategic focus on the Maghreb region has positioned Menkor Aviation as a vital link in the healthcare network, ensuring that patients receive timely and advanced medical care when it matters the most.

Ambulance Helicopter

To evacuate a patient from a hard-to-reach area or make a transfer between two hospitals, Menkor Aviation can dispatch a ambulance helicopter. These helicopters are equipped with medical and intensive care equipment. They allow rapid transfer and continuous medical care of the patient.
We have worldwide coverage for chartering this type of helicopter.

Medical Travel

Some patients opt to have a surgery abroad, often for cosmetic or plastic surgeries. Our team can charter a private jet to facilitate travel. The private jet brings comfort, speed and discretion to the patient.
We can provide the services of a nurse to provide care during the return flight.

Évacuation médicale en jet privé Gulfstreal

Transforming Air Ambulance Services Across Borders

An For a decade, Menkor Aviation has elevated air ambulance services to new heights, blending medical expertise and aviation prowess to provide a seamless and efficient medical evacuation experience. Their dedication to cutting-edge technology, unwavering safety standards, and a focus on the Maghreb region have solidified their position as a trusted partner for medical institutions, healthcare professionals, and patients. As Menkor Aviation continues its journey of excellence, it remains an indispensable force in the realm of air ambulance services, transcending borders to save lives and redefine medical evacuation as we know it..

Who is the Medical Team Accompanying the Patient in Flight ?

We can instruct a medical team to take care of the patient and provide him with the necessary care throughout the transfer. The medical team is often composed of a doctor and a nurse, but we adapt the workforce according to the care to be provided.

At Menkor Aviation, we are committed to providing an irreproachable quality of care to our customers. We only choose health professionals who are experienced in medical air transport. Our international network is made up of specialists from all health areas : intensive care, pediatrics, infectious medicine, cardiology, etc.

The medical team takes note of the patient’s health file before the flight and contacts the doctor or hospital currently in charge. They determine the medical care to be given during the flight and prepare the necessary medical equipment. Everything is done to ensure that the patient is transferred in the best possible conditions.

Transport médicalisé en jet privé

How to Organize a Medical Air Transport ? 

Our team finds the best solution within hours of your call.

In order to organize a quick and efficient medical flight, we ask you to send us the following information:
– A copy of the patient’s medical record and passport
– The contact details of a support person (parent, relative, treating doctor, insurer …)
– The contact details of the doctor or hospital currently in charge of the patient
– The contact details of the doctor or hospital who will receive the patient

Depending on the type of medical air transport, other information may be requested.
The support person will be regularly informed of the progress of the transfer.

Charter an Air Ambulance with Menkor Aviation

→ Availability: At Menkor Aviation, we are ready 24/7 to charter a medical aircraft.
→ Global coverage: We can organize medical transport by plane anywhere in the world.
→ Expertise: Our team is trained and experienced in medical air transport, medical evacuation and medical repatriation
→ Large fleet: We have access to a large fleet of ambulance planes around the world. We can meet all your needs.
→ Network of healthcare professionals: We have built an international network of healthcare professionals of all specialties to meet all your needs, wherever you are.