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Charter a Diamond DA 62

The Diamond DA62 is available to charter through Menkor Aviation.


The Diamond DA62 is a 5-7 seat twin pistons engined aircraft designed by Diamond Aircraft Industries. Unveiled in 2012, it has been in continuous production since 2014 in both Austria and Canada.

The DA62 is an economical light aircraft ideal for short and medium-haul flights. It is also recognized for its reliability and is used to train pilots in many flight schools.

Equipped with two Austro Engine AE330 piston engines, the DA62 delivers 360 Hp of power. These engines adapt perfectly to the aerodynamically efficient airframe of the DA62, they allow you to fly up to a speed of 192 kts (356 km / h) and climb up to 20,000 ft (6,096 meters) of altitude. With an average consumption of 11.8 gal/h, the DA62 is very economical. The 3-blade hydraulic propellers have a geometry specifically designed to provide efficient performance while reducing noise.

The aircraft is available in two weight versions. The first “European” version has 5 seats and a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 1,999 kg (4,407 lb). This version allows operatorsto avoid higher weight-based air traffic control user charges. The second so-called “American” version has 7 seats and an MTOW of 2300 kg (5071 lb).


The DA62 cockpit features the G1000NXi avionics suite with a 3-axis GFC700 autopilot. It is equipped with a yaw damper which reduces the Dutch roll’s oscillations. Garmin-designed electronic stability protection (ESP) helps pilots maintain a safe and stable flight. Diamond also offers an optional garmin keyboard stowed in the center armrest.

All of these features make the DA62 a very safe aircraft to fly.


The DA62 is very comfortable for the passengers. There are two large butterfly doors, the cabin space is generous and the front seats are adjustable.

The second row bench seats 3 and can be folded down 60/40. The optional third row bench seat has 2 seats and can be folded down, providing ideal space for large luggage or cargo. Luggage is stored in generous compartments in the nose of the aircraft and at the rear of the cabin.

The style is refined and customizable. Several styles, colors and premium materials are available. Passengers benefit from an LED lighting system and electric air conditioning.

The DA62 is a very safe, comfortable and economical aircraft. It is perfect for regional flights. With Menkor Aviation, you can hire a Diamond DA62 for all your trips.


– Comfortable
– Affordable to hire
– Long range

Specification of the Diamond DA62

Diamond Aircraft
5 or 7
192 kts | 356 km/h
Cabin Height
4.17 ft | 1.27 m
Piston Aircraft
1283 nm | 2376 km
Cabin Width
3.84 ft | 1.17 m


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