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Cessna Citation Excel XL taxiing

Charter a Cessna Citation Excel (XL)

The Cessna Citation XL private jet is available to charter through Menkor Aviation.


The Cessna Citation Excel (560XL) is a comfortable private jet built by the American aircraft manufacturer Cessna. Announced in October 1994, it flew for the first time in February 1996.

The Citation XL is from the Citation Family range. This prestigious range of private jets is the best-selling in the world with more than 910 aircraft on the market.

This Cessna business jet is powered by twin PW500 turbojets that deliver up to 4,080 lbf (18.1 kN) of thrust. They allow to fly at 433 kts (801 km/h) when cruising.

With a range of 3,200 km (1,727 nm) and one of the largest baggage compartments in its class, the Citation Excel is an ideal jet for business and family travel. It allows you to reach London to Mykonos or even Paris to Moscow non-stop.

The cockpit is equipped with a Honeywell avionics suite. Cessna is known to provide a high level of safety with its private jets, thus always two pilots fly the XL.

The Citation Excel is a remarkable business aircraft that offers an excellent compromise between speed, comfort and cost. Many XL’s are for hire around the world. Menkor Aviation allows you to hire one of them at any time for your travels.


The Citation XL has the most spacious cabin in its class. Although it can accommodate up to 10 passengers, it is often designed to comfortably accommodate 6 to 8 people.

The cabin, known to be quiet, has a fully equipped mini-bar and toilet. The seats recline 180 degrees, allowing you to sleep in the comfort of a real bed during flight.

In addition to a luggage compartment in the cabin, the Citation Excel’s hold is one of the largest in its category. These advantages allow you to travel comfortably with a large amount of luggage. A Honeywell-designed auxiliary power unit (APU) keeps the cabin air conditioning on the ground when the engines are off.

The Citation XL cabin is ideal for all your short and medium-haul trips.


– Large baggage compartment
– 180 degree reclining seats
– Lavatory

Specification of the Cessna XL

Up to 10
Luggage Capacity
90 cu.ft | 2,55 m³
Citation Excel (XL)
433 kts | 802 km/h
Cabin Height
5.68 ft | 1.73 m
Hourly Rates
3200$ | 2600€ | 2300£ /H
Medium Jets
1727 nm | 3200 km
Cabin Width
5.12 ft | 1.68 m


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