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L'ATR42 au couché de soleil

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The ATR 42 is available to charter through Menkor Aviation. 


The ATR 42 is a regional twin-turboprop aircraft developed and produced by the French company ATR, a joint venture (GIE) formed by Airbus and the Italian aeronautical conglomerate Leonardo SpA.

The ATR 42 is the very first aircraft designed by ATR with an inaugural flight in August 1984. Since then, this aircraft has been very popular with regional operators for its reliability and low operating costs. The ATR 42 now operates on all continents.

The number “42” refers to the number of passengers, this plane can carry between 42 and 50 passengers depending on the version. But this twin-turboprop engine is as efficient for transporting freight as it is for transporting passengers.

Several versions have been designed:

  • The ATR 42-300 is the standard version that was produced until 1996. It is powered by Pratt & Whitney PW120 engines which provides 2000 hp of power.
    An ATR 42-300QC (Quick Change) variant is a version both dedicated to the transport of freight and passengers thanks to a quick changeable cabin.
  • The ATR 42-320 is an improved version of the -300 which was also produced until 1996. Equipped with PW121 engines providing 2100 hp, it offers better performance, especially in hot environments and at high altitudes.
  • The ATR 42-500 was produced as early as 1995. A new cabin provides more passenger comfort thanks to more space and reduced noise. The payload is increased for freight transport. Two PW127E engines provide 2400 hp of power, increase cruising speed and reduce take-off distances.
    The latest versions of the ATR 42-500 have CAT II capability and two Honeywell HT1000 FMSs.
    A VIP version of the ATR 42-500 brings a very luxurious cabin similar to a private jet.
  • The ATR 42-600 was launched in October 2007. The seats are both more comfortable and lighter. The luggage compartments are larger. Two POW127M engines provide 5% more thrust while reducing fuel consumption. The new cockpit is equipped with 5 large LCD screens and a multipurpose computer (MPC) which improves safety and operational capabilities. Finally, the avionics supplied by Thales offers CAT III and RNP capabilities.
    ATR announced in October 2019 the development of the ATR 42-600S, a STOL (Short take-off and landing) variance that can land and take off on runways of 800 meters. The certification of the model is scheduled for 2022.
  • ATR-42 Cargo: An STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) allows all versions of the ATR 42 to be changed to a version dedicated to freight transport. The ATR 42 can carry up to 6.4 tonnes of cargo. A large cargo door (ULD) can be installed, it allows the transport of LD-3 type containers.

There are many ATR 42s available for charter and purchase around the world. Menkor Aviation can meet all of your needs.


The cabin of the ATR 42 is often configured with two rows of single-class seats. With a height of 1.91 meters, passengers can stand on it and travel comfortably. The ATR 42’s large cargo holds are a notable asset that allows passengers to travel with bulky luggage.

The cargo cabin is 2.52 meters wide and up to 10 meters long depending on the version. It can accommodate pallets and LD3 containers, making the ATR 42 an ideal economy aircraft for regional freight transport.


– Economic solution
– Lavatory
– Cargo variant


Up to 50
Luggage Capacity
381 cu.ft | 10,78 m³
ATR 42
300 kts | 556 km/h
Cabin Height
6.26 ft | 1.91 m
Hourly Rates
4700$ | 4000€ | 3500£ /H
Regional Airliners
840 nm | 1555 km
Cabin Width
7.67 ft | 2.34 m


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