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Louer un B737-400

Charter a Boeing 737-400

The Boeing 737-400 is available to charter through Menkor Aviation.


The Boeing 737-400 is an airliner of the Boeing 737 family. Introduced in 1988, the B737-400 was designed to provide intermediate capabilities between the B737-300 and the B757-200.

It can carry 188 passengers and has a range of 3,820 km (2,060 nmi). It is an ideal aircraft for group travel over short to medium haul distances. It can connect non-stop Paris to Moscow or London to Athens.

The fuselage is 3 meters (10 ft) longer than the B737-300 and the wing spars are reinforced.

Two larger CFM56-3C-1 engines are placed in front of the wings of the B737-400. They give a total thrust of 23,500 lbf (105 kN).

The B737-400SF (Special Freighter) version is a cargo version dedicated to air freight. It has the capacity to load up to 10 pallets of goods. Some B737-400s have also been fitted out to carry both passengers and goods (combi). Boeing has developed a more modern version of the 737-400, the 737-800 of the Next Generation series.

You can hire a Boeing 737-400 for your group travels through Menkor Aviation.


The cabin of a 737-400 is often single economy or business class. Closed toilets are available. A galley (kitchen) allows flight attendants to provide hot or cold snacks, or personalized meals, during the flight.

The cabin of the B737-400 is ideal for group travel.


– Economic solution
– Single class configuration
– Wide cargo hold

Specification of the Boeing 737-400

Luggage Capacity
650 cu.ft | 18,41 m³
433 kts | 802 km/h
Cabin Height
7.41 ft | 2.24 m
Hourly Rates
6500$ | 5550€ | 5000£ /H
Large Airliners
2060 nm | 3,820 km
Cabin Width
 11.67 ft | 3.56 m


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