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A White boeing 737-300 taking-off

Charter a Boeing 737-300

The Boeing 737-300 is available to charter through Menkor Aviation.


The Boeing 737-300 is an American aircraft of the Boeing 737 family. This is the very first aircraft of the second generation, called “Classic”, of the 737.

As the first major overhaul of the first generation, the 737-300 has an extended range of 5.345 km (2.886 nm) and can carry up to 149 passengers. It can therefore make long-haul flights and connect Paris to Tel Aviv or Hong Kong to Dubai non-stop.

Its two CFM56-3B-1 turbojets bring significant gains in terms of fuel consumption and noise reduction. The cockpit is also improved thanks to an electronic flight instrument display system (EFIS – Electronic Flight Instrumentation System).

The 737-300SP (Special Performance) version has winglets at the tip of the wings, which results in lower fuel consumption. Many 737-300s were also converted to freighter versions to allow freight transport.

A more modern version of the 737-300 was presented in 1993, the B737-700 NG.

The Boeing 737-300 was introduced in 1984. 1,114 models were produced until 1999. Even today, many 737-300s are available for hire or purchase. This airliner, ideal for your trips or business trips in a group, can be rented with Menkor Aviation.


– Economic solution
– Single class configuration
– Large hold
– Cargo version

Specification of the Boeing 737-300

Luggage Capacity
640 cu.ft | 18,12 m³
Cabin Height
7.41 ft | 2.24 m
Hourly Rates
7000$ | 5900€ | 5400£ /H
Avions de ligne
2886 nm | 5,345 km
Cabin Width
 11.67 ft | 3.56 m


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