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Louer un B737-500

Charter a Boeing 737-500

The Boeing 737-500 is available to charter through Menkor Aviation.


The Boeing B737-500 is a second generation airliner of the Boeing 737 family. Called “Classic”, this generation was in production from 1984 to 2000. In total, 392 units of the B737-500 were built.

The B737-500 flew for the first time on June 30, 1989. It can carry up to 140 passengers.

Direct successor to the B737-200, the 737-500 incorporates some improvements. It is 48 cm (1 ft 7 in) longer and can fly greater distances.
The two CFM56-3 turbojets are more modern and economical. They consume 25% less fuel than the Pratt & Whitney engines of the 737-200.
The cockpit is also more modern, the B737-500 introduces the all-screen cockpit in the Boeing 737 family.

The Boeing 737-500 was for a time the favorite aircraft of many airlines around the world. Today it is a reliable and economical aircraft perfect for group travel. Menkor Aviation allows you to hire a Boeing 737-500 for your travels.


The cabin of a charterable B737-500 is often single economy or business class. Lavatory is available at the front or rear of the cabin. A galley allows flight attendants to provide hot or cold snacks, or personalized meals, during the flight.

The cabin of the B737-500 ensures a comfortable travel for passengers.


– Economical solution
– Comfortable cabin

Specification of the Boeing 737-500

Up to 140
453 kts | 839 km/h
Cabin Height
7.35 ft | 2.24 m
Large Airliner
2929 nm | 5424 km
Cabin Width
11.67 ft | 3.56 m


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